Tens of Thousands of Lone Elderly People to Receive New Year Presents

The Enjoyable Aging Charity Foundation initiative to collect New Year presents for lone elderly people was supported by dozens of companies and organisations, including Vnesheconombank and its partners.

The initiative is open to anyone. Participants can personally buy a present and deliver it to any collection point in more than 30 Russian regions, make a donation to the Foundation or play the role of Father Frost. Thousands of lone elderly people have recently sent letters requesting some present or other. Every day the Foundation’s volunteers and partners supporting the initiative deliver small but welcome presents to those who are alone today (detailed information about the initiative can be found the Enjoyable Aging Charity Foundation website).

The Enjoyable Aging Charity Foundation has collected as many as 29,300 presents to date. We are sure that Father Frost will please tens of thousands of elderly people more by New Year’s Eve. Participation in the project is absolutely voluntary and does not mean publicity. The Foundation’s partners supporting the initiative are, however, confident that a good example also deserves to be spoken about.

“The New Year is a time when it is particularly important to let lone elderly people know that we remember and love them; we have organised the collection of New Year presents for them for many years. This year the project became a nationwide initiative of a large number of caring people. We are pleased that dozens of large public organisations, businesses and thousands of people have joined us with the noble aim of giving New Year festivities to the elderly,” Liza Oleskina, Director of the Enjoyable Aging Charity Foundation, said.

Vnesheconombank volunteers provide assistance for more than 850 residents of three retirement homes in the village of Dubna, Tula Region, in the town of Vyshny Volochyok, Tver Region, and in the village of Ostashyovo, Moscow Region. The Tula Region-based nursing home has already received presents from Vnesheconombank employees, and Vyshny Volochyok will be visited by Father Frost this week.

“With a little effort, we can each do a really good deed and help those who actually need it. We held a meeting with our staff members to decide on support for volunteer projects, but participation in volunteer projects is completely voluntary. When a donation comes from a company’s budget, this does not give any energy. When a donation is personally made to someone in need, this is quite a different story. The New Year is coming quickly, and these wintertime festivities have already become warmer for a lot of people,” Vnesheconombank’s Chairman Sergey Gorkov said.

The Enjoyable Aging Charity Foundation initiative has already been supported by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives; Immortal Regiment; Vnesheconombank and its subsidiaries; Gymnasium; Far Eastern Federal University; Trendy Kids, Samara; Dental Fantasy; Child of the Universe; Volunteers of Russia; Lefkadia Valley; Invitro; I love running family; Kids Office; Coffeemania; Philanthropists of Siberia; Moscow Municipal Pedagogical University; National University of Science and Technology MISiS; Moscow Engineering Physics Institute; Moscow Bank of Sberbank; Gorky Park; Russian Post; Russian State Social University; RUSAL; Synergy School of Business; Synergy University; SIRIUS Centre for Education; Skolkovo Foundation; Skolkovo Ventures; Sparta; SPLAT; You Are Not Alone; Horoshkola; Young Army Cadets.

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