VEB Discussing Establishment of Russian Centre for Project Management and Process Organization

Chairman of Vnesheconombank Sergey Gorkov took part in the plenary meeting, “Russian Economy: Agenda 2017-2025” at the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum. In his speech he referred to VEB’s practice in the transition to advanced management and transformation models in VEB 2.0.

The global trends in modern management imply value-based management, leadership, personal growth and talent development, evolution of strategies, control of emotions for the solution of business problems, empathy in contacts with customers, flexible management methods and the building of 2D organizations. These principles underpin the transformation of VEB 2.0.

The Bank’s development strategy is based on Design Thinking with customers and the Government, in particular, on supporting the Government’s key priorities in the economy, building a transparent process of customer interaction and reducing the time required for the processing of applications.

VEB is focused on investments in advanced development. The Bank will support innovations and projects of the National Technological Initiative, the conversion of the defence industry to downstream civilian production, block chain development, NBICS technologies, projects in space and the creation of infrastructure for new technologies.

For the implementation of the key challenges of the strategy the Bank has created cross-functional teams (including such challenges as working with provinces, defence industry diversification, block chain, the new investment process, project management, team transformation, etc.).

“We are now discussing the establishment of a centre of competencies for project management and organization of production processes within VEB 2.0. A centre of competencies is not only storage and analysis of data, but also promotion of services. We want to create a Marketplace, which will deliver knowledge to business for improving the quality of projects and processes. This year, we are able to create such Marketplace in an electronic form,” Sergey Gorkov noted.

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