Vnesheconombank summarizes results of the VEB group’s customer survey on products and information availability

Vnesheconombank views the creation of a new customer service model as one of its priority tasks to be accomplished in line with the VEB Strategy 2.0.

The customer service model is based on a continuous feedback from the VEB Group’s customers, which enables us to not only tailor the VEB Group’s products and services to the wants and demands of our customers but also significantly enhance the quality of our customer service.

In mid-2016, Vnesheconombank summarized the results of its first customer survey.

Since July 2016, Vnesheconombank’s web-site conducted a survey of the customers of VEB, Sviaz-Bank, Globexbank, VEB Leasing, Russian Export Center (REC), Russian Agency for Export Credit and Investment Insurance (EXIAR), Roseximbank, and the Federal Center for Project Finance (FCPF).

The survey findings have revealed a sufficiently high level of satisfaction from Vnesheconombank and the VEB Group’s customers (on a one-to-five scale):

  • Satisfaction with the quality of VEB’s services is 4.6;
  • Satisfaction with the quality of the VEB Group’s services is 4.3;
  • Satisfaction with the availability of information on VEB’s products and services is 4.3;
  • Satisfaction with the availability of information on the VEB Group’s products and services is 4.1.

The VEB Group’s customers were asked to send their complaints, demands and proposals through a newly established operational feedback channel or via email at

Upon prompt review of all the complaints, necessary decisions were made on each complaint to include corrective actions in the customer service procedure.

A need for electronic document management was revealed, which has prompted the Bank to start, in cooperation with its customers, extensive work to bring about such a transition.

Simultaneously, the Bank is designing a Customer Electronic Office system to enable the electronic submission of documents to the Bank and remote access to the updated information on ongoing customer projects, in particular, an up-to-date review of the status of both projects and specific related issues.

We appreciate the contribution of all our customers who took part in the survey and informed Vnesheconombank of their complaints and proposals.

Your feedback helps us make our work more efficient!

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