Vnesheconombank published consolidated financial statements of the VEB Group for the nine-month period of 2016 as prepared in compliance with IFRS

The VEB Group’s key performance indicators are as follows:

In the nine-month period of 2016 the VEB’s Group equity increased by RUB 68.8 billion (+14,3%) to reach RUB 549.6 billion as at 30.09.2016. Alongside with the subsidies from the federal budget provided in the nine-month period in the amount of RUB 150 billion as compensation of costs related to servicing foreign capital markets borrowings, and the recognition as additional paid-in capital of a subsidy of RUB 1.6 billion for the implementation of priority investment projects in the Far East and Baikal region, positive balance of an unrealized revaluation of securities had a positive effect on the VEB’s equity. VEB’s capital adequacy ratio (RAS) as at 30.09.2016 amounted to 12.7%.

In the nine months of 2016 net interest income went up by 40,6% reaching RUB 69,6 billion as compared with the same period in 2015 against RUB 49,5 billion. The rise is accounted for by an increase in interest income, as well as decrease in interest expense.

Throughout 2016 the Group’s financial results have demonstrated positive dynamics:

  • in Q3 2016 the Group improved its financial result almost 18 times compared to the result in the corresponding period of 2015, decreasing a loss of RUB 59,5 billion to RUB 3,4 billion.
  • In Q3 2016 the loss decreased more than 7 times as compared to the result of Q2 2016 (from RUB 24.5 billion to RUB 3.4 billion correspondingly).
  • The financial result of nine months of 2016 also significantly improved as compared to the respective period of 2015: a loss of RUB 86,2 billion (largely attributable to the considerable provisioning in Q1 2016) versus the loss of RUB 133 billion correspondingly.
  • Allowance for impairment of loans to customers for Q3 2016 decreased almost nine times versus provisioning in Q1 2016: RUB19.2 billion in Q3 against RUB 172.3 billion in Q1.

The major drivers for the Group’s changing assets (-13.3%) and liabilities (-16.7%) in the nine-month period of 2016 were the following: a decline in the currency rates against the ruble, creation of allowance for impairment of assets and a timely repayment of the maturing debt to the Group’s lenders and investors. Thus, the Group’s assets decreased by RUB 584.7 billion to RUB 3 797.7 billion as at 30.09.2016. Total liabilities went down by RUB 653.5 billion to RUB 3 248.1 billion as at 30.09.2016.

In the nine-month period of 2016 the Group followed a conservative lending policy, primarily focusing on the “last mile* “Last mile” projects - projects already financed up to 80-85%, that could be commissioned in the next two years. The projects include those in power generation, metallurgy, machine building, agribusiness, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals.projects , with the pace of loan repayments slightly exceeding the pace of new lending. Alongside with the Group concentrating on the “last mile” projects, the nine-month period of 2016 saw the commissioning of the following facilities: CSKA football stadium in Moscow, household gas stoves production in Orsk, a wood processing complex in Krasnoyarsk region, etc. The Group is also actively widening the export global coverage, expanding the geography of Sukhoi Superjet 100 civil aircraft deliveries from Latin America and South-East Asia to Europe. For instance, VEB financed a delivery of SSJ 100 to an Irish carrier CityJet, which brought a national Irish football team to the EURO 2016 competition.

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