The Coordinating Committee for Economic Cooperation with Sub-Saharan Africa (Afrocom) was created in 2009 to assist in promoting Russian business interests in the African continent. It unites more than 90 Russian entities including ministries, agencies, organizations and companies representing big, small and medium business. Afrocom forms the basis for infrastructure of business ties with African countries and encourages interaction between the state and business to expand Russia’s economic presence in Africa.

Objectives and missions of the Coordinating Committee are:

  • to promote Russian business interests to the markets of Sub-Saharan Africa and encourage interaction of Russian businessmen with African official and commercial institutions.
  • to open up new opportunities for establishing and enhancing business contacts and mutually beneficial cooperation between Russian and African Sub-Saharan businessmen.
  • to increase the role of interested representatives of Russian business circles upon formulating and implementing Russia’s government policy aimed at strengthening Russian-African trade and economic ties.
  • to join efforts and arrange a constructive dialogue of business communities of Russia and African Sub-Saharan countries interested in encouraging and promoting Russian-African business cooperation.

The Coordinating Committee’s main lines of activity are:

  • to analyze problems typical of bilateral relations; work out recommendations on removing obstacles or reducing negative impact on these relations.
  • to detect concrete opportunities for expanding and diversifying Russian-African cooperation in the business sector including joint investment projects to be implemented on the territory of African Sub-Saharan countries and Russia.
  • to work out a coordinated position of Russia’s business community on interaction with African partners and operation on the markets of African Sub-Saharan countries.
  • to establish interaction of Russia’s business community with legislative and executive authorities of Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • to participate in preparing and implementing agreements between Russia and African Sub-Saharan countries and programs in trade and economic ties, in developing appropriate legal regulations.
  • to establish contacts and engage in joint operation with non-governmental associations of Russia and African Sub-Saharan countries playing an active part in enhancing bilateral trade and economic cooperation.
  • to create additional opportunities for a dialogue and contacts between representatives of Russia’s and African Sub-Saharan countries’ business circles by way of organizing meetings, conferences, workshops and working groups.
  • to provide information services and consulting support to interested Russian and African businessmen.

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